Entrance Location(s) & Parking Info: The parking lot and trail head for the Countryside Preserve is located just behind Walmart in Uxbridge (6 Welwood Drive, Uxbridge, ON., L9P 1N7).

Wayfinding Posts: All Wayfinding posts are oriented northward and feature a trail map, post numbers, and a "you are here" indicator.

Trail Description:

Welcome to the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve, spanning 140 acres of picturesque rolling meadowland, woodlands, wetlands, and ponds. As you embark on your journey through the Preserve, you’ll encounter art pedestals, interpretive ecology displays, and a rich array of local flora and fauna along the extensive nine-kilometer trail network. Families can delight in three nature-inspired, kid-friendly trail loops featuring frogs, butterflies, and birds.

Situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine, a protected area classified as a ‘core’ in the Provincial Moraine Plan, the Countryside Preserve showcases the highest concentration of vital natural heritage features. Conveniently located just south of Uxbridge’s urban boundary, behind the prominent shopping complex on Highway 47 at Concession 6, it serves as a harmonious meeting point between the countryside and town. It is truly “Where the Countryside meets the Town”.

The trails within the Preserve are marked with numbered posts at intersections and key locations, providing trail maps with a clear “You are Here” indicator. Each post features a sloping top oriented towards the North, along with blaze markers and directional arrows to ensure easy navigation.

Furthermore, the Countryside Preserve offers connectivity to other trails, including Wooden Sticks and Timber Tract, expanding your exploration options and outdoor experiences.