Thomas Foster Memorial

The Thomas Foster Memorial is an award-winning attraction and small performing arts venue. It is open seasonally for tours and concerts (Fridays at the Foster) and serves as a picturesque backdrop for special events and film sets.

Located in the beautiful countryside just north of Uxbridge the incredible Thomas Foster Memorial, is a hidden gem and by far the most opulent structure in the area! This “Jewel on the Hill”* was built in 1935-1936 by former Toronto Mayor, Thomas Foster, as a tribute to his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Ruby. On his travels to India, Foster was so struck by the magnificence of the Taj Mahal, it became his inspiration when building the Memorial.
The Memorial brilliantly combines artistry and architectural design that crosses many periods. It boasts Byzantine Domes and interior mosaics, Romanesque bronze work in its great doors, modernistic windows created by of one of Canada’s great stained-glass artists – Yvonne Williams, 20th century Terrazzo floor designs, and unique Christian motifs on the stone capitals of the interior columns.

Hours and Restrictions

Tours – July and August, Wednesday to Sunday (11:30am-4:30pm) (July 17th -closed at 1:30pm)

Concerts – May to September – Each Friday 7:30-8:30pm

Special Concerts- October and November

May, June & September, private tours can be booked.

For upcoming concerts and events, please visit

Seasonal: Spring, Summer, Fall

Thomas Foster Memorial