Celebrate Canada Day At Trail Hub!

Join us for a thrilling Canada Day celebration at Trail Hub on July 1st! Experience a day filled with live music, delicious food, and outdoor adventure. From exhilarating hikes and scenic bike rides to captivating performances and mouth watering treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This event is FREE to attend. The trails require the purchase of a trails pass.


> Live Music: Immerse yourself in the rhythm and melodies Erin Blackstock an unforgettable musical experience.

> Delicious Food: Indulge in exceptional Canada Day food and drink items prepared by the Handlebar Grill. From BBQ Brisket On a Bun to flavorful sliders and other BBQ delights, satisfy your taste buds with delectable treats while celebrating the occasion.

> Outdoor Adventure: Explore the beauty of Trail Hub’s hiking and biking trails, which will remain open during the event. Take in the fresh air, immerse yourself in nature, and embark on thrilling adventures surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

> All-Ages Fun: This event is open to individuals of all ages, making it the perfect opportunity for families, friends, and communities to come together and celebrate Canada Day. Engage in activities that cater to different interests and create lasting memories.