Graven at The Second Wedge Brewing Co

GRAVEN (Matty McKechnie) is an independent folk-rock singer/ songwriter from Ottawa. With more than 15 major releases under his belt, and his latest album Simple Complex recorded at Fang Studios in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and mixed by Joel Plaskett, Nepean, Ontario-born Matty (Graven) is a passionate wordsmith of song who wears his heart on the sleeve of his melodies. “Simple Complex” is charting across many college radio stations in Canada and the USA and was #3 on CKCU FM’s top 50 albums of 2022. His last record Years (2020) was produced by Jim Bryson (singer songwriter and producer of Kathleen Edwards award winning album “Total Freedom”) and helped put his music into new realms. Having toured across Canada thrice, he always has uplifting words and self-love promoting songs of support for anyone at his shows and his dedicated fan-base (who have dubbed themselves as “Graventown”). Graven always tries to create a highly accepting and inclusive community and his music has become a safe-haven for anyone and everyone who wants to be their real self without judgement