Paddy's Saturday Night with The Doozies! live at The Second Wedge

19+. $13.50 advance/$17 at door (incl HST + fees).

“The Doozies are Canadiana. Yes, that genre entails a mix of folk, country and maritime, but it also conjures scenes: A choir of voices echoing around a lake from the shoreline campfire, boots denting kitchen floors, stools arranged in a semi-circle for an encore around the bar, busking downtown before the gig to meet the local folks, starting songs with 6 strings and finishing them with 5.

“This all-string trio of guitar, stand-up bass and fiddle (or mandolin) cites a traditional sound which they are quick to question, bend or flip. They’ve played house parties and festivals and are seasoned enough to know that there’s an art to both. Fostered through different but connected avenues of the proven hot bed of the Oshawa music scene, the trio know the importance of community, both performing within it and writing about it. Musically, you will not find a tighter band around.”