A Winter Adventure From New Heights

Content sponsored by York Durham Headwaters

Shake up your winter routine and enjoy a trek through the snowy hills of Uxbridge on horseback at Pleasure Valley. Couples, kids, or the whole entire family are welcome to enjoy this unforgettable adventure. With your feet planted safely on the ground, head to Annina’s Bakeshop to fuel the rest of your day. Don’t forget to indulge in their world-class buttertarts – you’ve earned it!  Head back out for round two of your adrenaline rush at  Ski Dagmar, where you can discover the thrill of winter on any of their 18 ski and snowboard runs or 20kms of x-country trails. Take your time and ski under the night sky, topped off by food and drink at their restaurant and lounge. Now that’s how you make the most of a Canadian winter!

York Durham Headwaters - Ontario's Central Counties

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