Entrance Location(s) & Parking Info: (1) Houston Road and Lakeridge Road Parking (Main Tract Trail)
(2) Concession Road 7 and Houston Road Parking (Main Tract Trail)
(3) Concession Road 6 and Allbright Road (Walker Woods Trail)
(4) Coppins Corner and Goodwood Road (Optional)

The Oak Ridges Moraine is one of the most distinct
physiographic landforms of southern Ontario. It stretches as
a ridge of hilly terrain for 160 kilometres from the Niagara
Escarpment in the west to the headwaters of the Trent River
in the east. The moraine was created as glaciers receded and
deposited layers of sand and gravel that are separated by clay
and till soils. Rain that is collected and stored in the moraine’s
vast underground layers of sand and gravel, which are known
as aquifers, eventually resurfaces as healthy, clean water that
feeds the majority of river systems in the Greater Toronto Area.
As a unique and valuable environmental asset, the moraine is a
key water resource, an area rich in biodiversity and a beautiful