Entrance Location(s) & Parking Info: 2499 Brock Road, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1R4, Canada (next to Pathways on Pleasure Valley)
16 parking spaces available

One of the latest trail systems in the Durham Region!

In 2007, Mr & Mrs William P Wilder donated 250 acres located between Concession 6 and Brock Road to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) for use by the public on a trail network. Working in conjunction with the TRCA and through financial assistance of Green Durham Association, a parking lot and trail connects have been completed allowing for access to the Wilder Forest and Wildlife Preserve.

Trail Numbered posts are at trail intersections and markers key locations. Each post has a trail map, with a “You are here” indicator. The posts have a sloping top, with the slope oriented towards the North. Also, there are blaze markers, with directional arrows to help you follow the trails.