Entrance Location(s) & Parking Info: Parking is available at Elgin Park (180 Main St. S., Uxbridge, ON., L9P 1J2).

Wayfinding Posts: Wayfinding posts all face north with a map of the trail and post numbers with a "you are here" indicator.

Trail Description:

The Wooden Sticks Trail offers a diverse and engaging experience for walking, running, and cycling enthusiasts. It serves as a vital connector trail, linking Ewen, Historic, and Elgin Park, creating a trail network that provides a unique perspective on Uxbridge’s natural and historical attractions.

The trail encompasses various sections, including two densely wooded areas, a scenic path through Elgin Park, and convenient access to play areas and washrooms. The paved connector path at Elgin Park, leading from Joseph St., enhances accessibility and connectivity within the trail system.

The trail also passes through the Estates of Wooden Sticks housing development, providing a glimpse into the area’s residential landscape. As you venture along the trail, you’ll find historical significance in the land’s past. Elgin Park, for instance, has a storied history dating back to the 1860s when residents of Uxbridge frequented the area for picnics, giving rise to its current name. The park’s origins can be traced to a public company’s purchase of 13 acres from Isaac Gould in 1873. The park’s evolution continued through additional land acquisitions and the development of a half-mile racetrack in 1881.

Elgin Park Dr. leads to the renowned Wooden Sticks Golf Club, recognized for its replication of famous golf course holes. This club offers a unique golfing experience, reimagining well-known holes such as the “Island Green” from Sawgrass and the challenging 12th hole from Augusta.

Throughout the Wooden Sticks Trail, you’ll find traces of the Acton and Gould families, whose names are woven into the history of the Uxbridge area. The trail’s alignment may be temporarily altered during major events like the Fall Fair, necessitating an alternate route via Joseph St.

The Wooden Sticks Trail not only invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its diverse landscapes but also allows them to connect with Uxbridge’s historical legacy and vibrant recreational offerings.